1. final prints-

  2. final prints-

  3. final prints-

  4. final prints-

  5. final prints- 

  6. final prints contact sheet-

  7. final image contact sheet-

  8. contact sheet- 
    these are the montage images i used in my final pieces, i was lucky travel to london and paris in the half terms/weekends during the duration of this project.
    i’m very proud of these images due to the picturesque settings and the interesting shots from my journey’s, they’re all very unique and i love the different lightings and scenes.

  9. my prints-
    this is the contact sheet for my final pieces. these images feature my friends as the model’s in the scene of my village (harringworth) as the contryside setting i planned.
    i plan to use the inspiration from nacho ormaechea work but use my back ground montage gradient image as the desire and the aspirations of the model and base it around the contrast of city vs. country lifestyle, and the desire of the country boy and his dreams of the big cities.

  10. artists-
    nacho ormaechea
    's silhouette montage art has been the biggest inspirational impact on my project, his work of silhouette's displaying people's thoughts, desires or memories (or as it seems) with there clever colourful and interesting montaged images displayed inside the silhouette gradient out into the actually figure. The images are eye catching and really interest me from there day to day stances, to the contrasting montaged frames which make you question what the reasoning behind the picture inside the silhouette is. 

    Ultimately they’re inspired me to focus on my final piece based around his work and plan to attempt nacho’s effective gradient effect with my own images from a shoot i plan to take based around the country boy and his city dreams